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I thought paramotors were all heavy until I flew one of these Miniplanes this week, so easy to get airborne, so easy to start and get going. It's made learning to fly this week so helpful - I'm already a fan!

Lowan Owen

- South Wales

Quite simply, having flown paramotors for 8 years now, I've realised the more you fly the less tech you need!

John Riddleworth

- Milton Keynes

I work with power tools in my tree and landscaping business, having seen some of the more complicated and fancy units on the market I’m really impressed with the package I got from Miniplane, no fuss, reliable and easy to ground handle and take of with.

Blaise Brogan

- Oxfordshire

Having been in the military for over 15 years you get to appreciate practical, straight forward design and mechanics that are reliable and do the job properly, Miniplane is just that, great service and great support too.

Roy Beaumont

- Scotland