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Miniplane have over time pondered the whys and wherefore of coming under a reserve parachute in the unlikely event one did. They’ve opted for small with fast opening.

Well everyone is entitled to an opinion and here at Miniplane UK we say go large and as lightweight as possible. We also offer an Apco Harness because you can add a zipped side mounted pocket for reserve storage as opposed to front mounted which can be or feel a little clumsy.

Opening times on both the Gin yeti and Ozone Angel are quick although descent rates are better on the lightweight Yeti at 4.5 as opposed to 5 mtr/second and 6 with the Dudek option. The recommended Miniplane reserve is mounted to the front hangpoints as opposed to traditional paraglider shoulder points, it's the last piece you clip in. It's been like all minilanes products designed to be as simple to use as possible and is brilliantly light. Miniplane have researched having side and underseat options and have found that theses designs either inhibits airflow to the engine and therefore efficency or the ability to run with the best thrust line for take off.

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