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Frequent Checks

After assembling the unit, before starting the engine and at regular intervals,it is recommended to check your Miniplane for possible damage. The parts frequently at risk are: the propeller, the frame and the safetynet

The  frame can be distorted if you've sqeezed it into a small car boot, in such a case you can easily see that the distance between the prop's edge and the frame differs from point to point when turning it (do this with the engine off and by slowly hand turning the propeller). When the engine is on, because of vibrations, the propeller may touch the frame which can result  in  permanent damage such as a breakage; in case of a light damage, you can try to solve the problem by hand pulling the frame to its original shape; for big repairs go to a workshop, if in doubt do replace the frame with a new one.

The strings of the guarding net must be checked because in case of breakage they may be caught by the propeller and cause a mess. any frayed lines must be immediately replaced.

The nylon net can be mended, by hand sewing with thick polyester yarn weaving two or three times in order to reach the original thickness.

The parts to be replaced must be removed by cutting them with a hot tool (a soldering will be all right) in order to melt the tip to avoid fraying.

Periodically, you must also checks the knots and verify the tension of the net, in order to avoid slackening.

To avoid fraying

All the knots of the Kevlar strings (easy recognizable because of the inner yellow fiber), must be fixed by 1/2 drops of cyanic-acrylic glue on their tips and after few seconds do cut them in the hardened portion.