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Teaching full time abroad and in UK has offered up what works for some and not always for others.

In truth if you’ve never done  paragliding before and you new to paramotoring then launch will always be the more stressful time for you over your first year or so depending on how much flying you can get in outside weekends.

Paramotor wings with full Reflex have traditionally been a bit tricky in nil or very light winds to launch, not all but many. If you’ve half a mind to paraglide too then you’ll want to look at a beginners paraglider. Our recommendations are Ozone Buzz Z4 Pwr or Advance Alpha 6 as it offers some extra speed, benign take off behaviour and trimmers for use in flight like other reflexed wings. 

If you've got a wedge of flying experience or you've got the time to put into flying from qualifying then deally you want to go for a reflexed glider as they simply offer you more speed over the ground so no hanging around annoying the neighbours!