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Making history again

Miniplane has prided themselves on offering some of the lightest paramotors on the market. There Top 80 is one of the most favoured and highly regarded engines on the market. Top80 rigid

21 years of experience

For over twenty years they have been synonymous with reliable engines and lightweight frames. The new Cage system which breaks down into four pieces is in keeping with their design mission. Why carry more weight than you need? Why carry an extra 10 kilos to get you off the ground when you could carry less for the same achievement. 

Often preoccupied with thrust and power yet we forget that the simplest solutions like all we need to is enough lift to climb cleanly off the ground.

Bigger cage, bigger prop, more power

This new Top 80 engines with a new bigger 140 prop has easily enough power to carry a pilot between 70-88 kgs off the ground. 

Add to that the simplicity of the styling, the ergonomic shape of the frame to reduce drag and you have a one great machine

LATEST top 80 rigid cage paramotorStunningly fuel efficient

Add to that you'll be carrying less fuel because of the Top 80 is so fuel efficient, most engines use at least 4 litres plus per hour in normal flight, You'll be impressed over two litres with a  miniplane!!! less fuel, less all up weight to take off with...its got to make sense

You can buy one here