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ABM Top 80 complete frame kit
ABM Top 80 complete frame kit

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Complete Frame Kit ABM Top 80 supplyed for L(125cm prop) and L1(130cm prop). Colors are costomisable, but could extend turnaround time.

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£1,350.00 inc. VAT

The kit includes

  • Frame cod
  • Top frame extension, T/A
  • 2 flex arms, T1DF
  • Kit of screws for the arms, T1DFSV
  • Upper sticks, T2A
  • 4 sticks, T3
  • Protection net, T4
  • Fiber ring, T5
  • Rod fitting Kit, T6K
  • Tank belt, T9/2C
  • 2 frame feet, T1F
  • Kit protection profiles, TPP

The kit DOESN'T INCLUDE: Harness, Tank, Choke control & etc.