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MiniPlane ABM mid hang point lightweight paramotor
MiniPlane ABM mid hang point lightweight paramotor

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Our ABM system, Medium Flex Bars, allows a more dynamic handling while maintaining a higher level of self stability.

LocationFee (per item)
United Kingdom£100.00
The Highlands£150.00

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It's possible to buy a bigger L1 cage, that allows you to use a larger propeller, up to 130 cm, the cage L1 can also be ordered as a modification, the cage L1 with 130 cm propeller needs the propeller spacer which we will supply.

Standard features

  • Wood propeller of 125 cm

  • Diameter cage 137 cm

  • Black Miniplane harness

  • Weight 19.9 Kg

  • Gearbox 19/73 or 20/72 ratio, recommended for propellers of 125 cm

  • Harness size M for pilots 60 and 85 Kg, L for 85kg plus

  • Free Prop Covers

Easy Fly

  • Our standard Miniplane harness

  • 1 big pocket under the seat

  • 2 side pockets.

  • loops belts for a front rescue container and speed-bar pulleys

Dudek Comfort 

This is the latest offering and comes with side pockets and optional side mounted reserve. It adds a little extra weight, a lot more padding and looks pretty trick!