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Paramania Revo 3
Paramania Revo 3

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Revo 3 is an evolution of the Revo3. After 5 years, the Revo 3 builds its reputation as a classic wing, used by many pilots in many different things and adored by all.

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£3,200.00 inc. VAT

 Revo 3

The Revo 3 uses the same wing section and the same basic plan form, wing section and number of cells; main differences are in the profile shape, the leading edge technology, and with a slightly high aspect ratio, it generates more lift. Brake toggle pressures are lighter, and it launches even easier than any Paramania wing previously made, making it feather light. The brake pressure and travel is longer, the wing is more directionally stable than the 2 and the wing tip steering is more reactive. 

The Revo 3 is produced in our new factory, the level of workmanship is much higher, and the new wing incorporates much technology learned from the GT series including trailing edge jetting and trailing edge gathering systems. The wing has more speed on the trimmers than its predecessor and less on the speed bar. The trimmers pulled in, the wing is slow, easy to take off with and ideal for beginners doing a solo flight. Mike even went out of his way to solo train several pilots on this wing to verify its differing characteristics from the Revo3. If you already have a Revo3, you’ll probably want to upgrade to one of the GT series (GTR, GTX, GTS), but the Revo3 will always be that first classic wing that takes a beginner through a good chunk of their intermediate experience or first year before upgrading. Safety and versatility make it ideal for schools because it’s speed range allows it to be slow or fast depending on the school’s requirements of the day. This is also why its so ideal as an intermediate, and guaranteed on a cross country, you will not be left behind by your friends. 

When you hold this wing in your hands, you’ll feel the quality engineering. All major seams are reinforced 

All adjustments on the brakes and tips use PAL (paramania adjustment lines) and all gliders come with a full line set, so that you don’t lose any days flying if you have a prop strike on a line. The worse thing for a beginner is to halt in the middle of training or while you’re still getting into 

If you want to learn and progress safely in paramotoring, than this is definitely the wing to get the hang of it in.

Valued at 300 euros, minimizing lost days flying with a full repair kit and spare set of main lines so you can keep flying and improving.