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How long does it take to Learn?

8 - 10 days depending on the weather, your fitness and your learning environment, if your already a paraglider pilot, then a two or three day conversion should do it.

YouTube DIY or acknowledged Training syllabus?

The UK has some of the busiest airborne highways in Europe, your never going to fly to tremedous altitudes but you will be sharing local airspace with absolutely everyone from the military to the local parachute school and heli port. So knowledge of your surroundings and limitations is essential.

Training is essential regardless of your previous flight experience. You will find it easier and quicker and safer to learn with an approved BHPA instructor or equivelent and many training schools are set-up across the UK and Europe.

Paramotoring has been lost to the small ads for years and Youtube is awash with many a student wiping out through inappropriate instruction and flawed guidance. Their not jet ski's, there's a propeller moving at tremendous speeds right behind you, the hard way is sadly the painful and expensive way of learning

How do I find a school in my area?

Thankfully the BHPA have stepped in to save Paramotoring from being exiled by the CAA, Its forty years of experience with flying hang gliders and paragliders in the UK has offered a sound training syllabus, good instructor standards and local airspace knowledge and therefore less injuries. The BHPA have a list of approved schools. If in doubt just ask us, plus we can tell which is the nearest school offering training on our lightweight MiniPlanes.

What will I Learn?

The instructor will give training on safety issues, handling the motor, engine preparation and safe warm up, wing inflation, launching, turning and landing and of course the "what if scenarios". Most students should be making their first circuit within 5/6 days of their training depending on the weather and personal fitness. First flights are generally without an engine from a small hill or tow field. Many schools offer a weeks paragliding and follow up course with the engine.